Who, What, When, Where

1.8 Billion users each month 

87% of users: access Facebook on a mobile device

1 out of 5 minutes of time spent on the internet is on Facebook

47% of users: Facebook is a bigger purchase influencer than any other social media source

51% of users:  will likely buy from a business page they follow


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51% of users: more likely to buy from brands they follow

78% of users: companies posts influence their buying decisions

91% of users: have watched a video to learn about a product or service

68% of users: go to social media sites to read product reviews

46% of users: are influenced by social media friends product recommendations


How Social Media Helps

CONNECT with your customers & connect them with your products & services

BUILD brand loyalty and foster long-term customer relationships

INCREASE website popularity and overall online presence

REDUCE marketing costs with social media advertising

INCREASE sales and reach more customer with digital marketing and organic social media posts