No matter the size of your business, customers are talking about you online. From posting on Twitter about your latest product, sharing a Facebook post about you, responding to your latest blog post, or leaving a review about their experience with your business; customer interaction is a vital part of your online reputation management. Transparency, although risky, is a key component of this. Today's customers see the good, bad, and the ugly or your online reputation. They are also looking to see HOW you respond, and what actions to take when 

At ChurchKey Media, we know the in's and out's of getting the best results in online reputation management for your business.


Why They Are Important

90% of users: read online reviews before visiting a business

67% of users: say that online reviews impact their buying decision

84% of people: trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation

74% of consumers: report that positive reviews make them trust local businesses

60% of consumers: were turned away from a business because of too many negative reviews


Your Future Customers

REPRESENT what customers think of your business. 

VARIETY: customers use a variety of review sites to make decisions about your business

PURCHASES are effected by the reviews that customers see about your business

TRAFFIC: customers are more likely to visit your website after reading positive reviews.

RANKING:  more positive reviews means your our business will rank higher in search engines


Better Interaction, More Customers

SPEAK with your customers about your business, products, and services before you even meet customers

BUILD brand loyalty and foster long-term customer relationships

INCREASE website popularity and overall online presence

ADDRESS customer concerns directly, effectively, and pleasantly

ENCOURAGE future customers to choose your business over your competitors.